Seller FAQs

BuyTestSeries Seller FAQs
General FAQs
Who can become a seller on
Coaching Centers, Tutors, Authors, Publication House or Education Companies can sell their proprietary material on BuyTestSeries platform.
What is the process to register as a Seller on BuyTestSeries?
You have to send us a Partnership Request from the provided link Seller Registration Form.
Once the partnership request is accepted our executive will help you in completing the registration process.
What are the charges for registering as a Seller on BuyTestSeries?
Registration and Listing your products on is absolutely free. We only charge an after sales commission for each sale of your product on
What all I can sell as a Seller on BuyTestSeries?
Only Education and related materials can be sold on BuyTestSeries platform. You can list and sell eLearning products in different formats like Online, CDs, DVDs, Pen/USB drives, Tablets etc.
How will I receive a purchase/sales notification from BuyTestSeries?
Once an order of your product/s is placed on, you will receive an email from BuyTestSeries with the necessary user details (Name, Email, Mobile and Postal Address) to fulfil the order.
Are there any order delivery/dispatch timelines for the sellers?
Yes, you have to fulfil any order of your product within 24-48 hours. This timeline is for products where the mode of delivery is online i.e. via email. For tangible products (CD/DVD, USB/Pen drive, Tablets) the shipment must be dispatched within 24-48 hours, notifying the user and seller support team of BuyTestSeries with tracking code.
What is the process to deliver an order? How can help me in order delivery?
For Online Deliveries Login Credentials or Activation Code should be sent to the registered user’s email address within 24-48 hours. For tangible products seller has to ship the product to registered user’s shipping address within 24-48 hours. We can help you with online deliveries, please contact seller support on 8446870182.
What is the payment cycle on BuyTestSeries?
We credit payments directly into the seller’s bank account through NEFT. Depending upon the sales volume, payment cycle is decided for respective sellers on BuyTestSeries. All the payments for COD orders will be made once the COD order is delivered successfully. Delaying dispatch after 48 hours of purchase will also hamper your payout cycle.
What are the benefits of selling on
BuyTestSeries is a dedicated ecommerce platform for selling of education and eLearning products. We are connected with millions of students across India to whom you can directly sell your products. We continuously promote ourselves and our sellers through various channels of marketing like Social Media, TV Advs., Emails, SMSs and many more. is a platform where you can reach to maximum students with minimum of efforts.
I don’t have an Online Test Platform of my own, how can I sell my Online Tests on BuyTestSeries?
We provide our online technology platform to sellers who doesn’t have their own online test platform. You use our platform to create tests, then form a package. You can then list these packages on BuyTestSeries listing platform and generate sales. For more details please contact our seller support team on 8446870182.
How BuyTestSeries handles refund or Cancellation request?
All the online products on are listed as Non-Cancellable/ Non Refundable. BuyTestSeries reserves all the rights in case of to accept/reject any order cancellation or refund request. For tangible products, damaged products are replaced and resent by the sellers to the users. For more details please go through our shipment policy. Orders can be cancelled /refunded on sellers request in cases they are unable to resolve an issue. For these orders we will deduct our share from the next payout for that particular seller.
How shipments are made for tangible products like CD/DVD, USB drives, Tablets etc.?
All the shipments will be made by the sellers for tangible products. After each order sellers will notify the user and seller support team with the tracking code to track the delivery of the order. For more details please go through our shipment policy.
Cash On Delivery FAQs
What is COD?
COD means Cash on Delivery. This payment option is provided to the prospective customers and is available to all the customers on It is the most loved payment option of the Indian consumers as it increases the user’s trust and user pays once he/she gets his/her shipment.
Do I have to opt in for COD as a seller?
COD as a payment option is by default applicable for each and every seller registered on Currently COD option is available only on elearning devices like CD/DVD/Pen Drives/ SD Cards/ Tablets etc.

I am new to COD. Please explain the steps to follow?

Cash on Delivery is a simple option for users to make a purchase on As a seller you have to follow the below mentioned steps in case you receive a COD order.
Step 1: You will receive a call from BuyTestSeries support team and they will confirm the COD order
Step 2: Then you will have to package the product and make it ready for the shipment
Step 3: You will receive an email from the BuyTestSeries support team with the Shipping Labels that needs to be attached to the Package
Step 4: Take the printouts of the shipping labels you have received via email and attach/paste the necessary label to the package.
Step 5: A pick up will be arranged from your location and our courier pickup associate will arrive at your location at scheduled date and time.
Step 6: Handover the package on which you pasted the label to the pickup associate. Handover the other necessary labels to the pickup associate as well.
Step 7: Sit back and relax your shipment will now be delivered by our courier company.
Note: Shipping Labels are very important for COD orders and packages without labels will not be picked up by the courier person.
What is a Shipping Label?
Shipping label is a necessary document required by the courier companies to deliver the product. Shipping label contains details like To and From Address, Barcode of the courier company and other details. We iterate once again that it is a very important document required for shipping COD orders.
How packaging of the product should be done for COD orders?
We would like to inform you about the packaging guidelines for shipping your COD orders. Mentioned below are the guidelines that you need to follow while packaging your orders:
Shipping Label & Paperwork
• The print of the label must be clear and readable. Barcodes should be scan-able.
• The size of the label must not be re-sized or altered while printing.
• Shipping label must be affixed on the flat side of packaging (Barcode & To/From Address must be visible clearly on the face of the package).
• Shipping label must be affixed on the most visible / largest side of the package. Ensure that the shipping label is not folded along any edge of the package.
• Shipping label must not have any additional markings.
• Along with the package, one copy of the Tax Invoice must be provided to the Pick-Up Associate.
• Duly filled-in Inward/Outward Regulatory Forms should be provided to the Pick-Up Associate.
• All items must be packed in packaging (envelope/box/polybag).
• The packaging material used should be sturdy and the package should be transport-worthy.
• Adequate cushioning in the form of dunnage should be provided to prevent the movement of item(s) within the package.
• Only new packaging material should be used.
• All items for one order must be packed in one package.
• Manufacturer’s box/package will not be considered as packaging material for transportation. A separate outer packaging is mandatory.
• For deliver exceptions, RTO address needs to be mentioned on the packing material as well as on the invoice, so that it will be delivered back to you safe and secure.
How the packages should be kept ready before shipping?
Please refer to the below mandatory guidelines to ship your packages as per Courier companies Terms and Conditions:
1) Tax/Retail invoice is a mandatory document to be handed over along with every package at the time of pickup. Tax/Retail invoice should mandatorily have you VAT/CST Number mentioned on it.
2) Do not put the Tax/Retail invoice inside the package as this would be required for “In-Transit” inspections.
3) The shipping label should be pasted on the package. The Tax/Retail invoice along with applicable regulatory forms/documents should be kept inside the document pouch affixed on the outer package. Please note that the shipping label slip is not a substitute for Tax/Retail invoice.
4) Ensure that your Tax/Retail invoice is raised with a clear break-up of the tax amount in the name of your customer (buyer) who has placed an order with you on any platform you sell your products.
5) Your Tax/Retail invoice should not mention the name
6) Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your packages not being picked up or can be held at sales tax offices or check post and shall be liable for penalties upto 70% of invoice value.
Cash On Delivery FAQs
What is GSTIN?
GSTIN is GST Identification Number. Each taxpayer will be allotted a state-wise PAN-based 15-digit Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number (GSTIN).
How can I update my GSTIN on BTS?
You can update your BTS Tax profile here
If I don’t have GST then Still Can I Sale my products on BTS?
Yes, if your turn over is less than 20L then you will be registered under inventory model and GST will be applicable under reverse charge. Where you will raise a sales invoice on us and not to the customers.
How my Payments will be made under GST?
As per agreed payment cycle after deducting 1% TCS on the net amount payable to you. Same will be available to you as input tax credit against your GST liability. TCS deduction is mandatory for all the sellers on Ecommerce platform as per the GST Law.
How I will know about different GST liabilities like IGST, CGST & SGST?
BTS will provide a monthly sales report providing all the state wise sales details enabling you to determine your tax interstate (IGST) and intra state (SGST + CGST).
What is the rate of GST on educational products/services?
18% is the tax rate levied on educational products.
On which address I will raise the invoices on BTS?
115, Decision Tower, Pune Satara Road, Marketyard, Pune 411037, Maharashtra
What is BTS GSTIN?
Will be updated soon.
What is the SAC code needs to be used while invoicing?
Elearning category falls under (Commercial Training & Coaching). SAC is 00440229.